School Lunch

Students should be allowed to leave school at lunch to eat, but only if they have their license. I feel like that should be one of the privileges we get for going to school for 12 years. Any vehicle accident that occurs while commuting to lunch would not be the school’s fault. Students would get a chance to get more food so they are not hungry the rest of the day. If they’re picky they can get whatever food they like.
I also know from experience that leaving the school for even a short period boosts your energy and your work ethic. There should be punishments for not coming back to school and should be a certain time they need back. I also think that we need hot breakfast in the morning like egg and sausage burritos or sandwiches because hot food is healthier and gives you more nutrients for your school day. Eating dry muffins and oatmeal bars everyday isn’t a healthy breakfast.
Furthermore I think we should have more home cooked meals for breakfast and lunch. Healthier food will help with kids’ overall health which will improve their energy, focus and work ethic and will improve their test scores throughout the school.