Good Will Hunting


I recently saw “Good Will Hunting” again and I absolutely love this movie! The cast with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck is a perfect dynamic, because you can really see their friendship unfold in their early days as young adults in Hollywood from this film. After the film was released and even to this day they’re still really good friends. The film also cast the legendary Robin Williams as a therapist in the film. So the plot of the story is Matt Damon plays as a poor kid in the 90s working in construction and being a janitor at the local university in a big city.

Every week the math professor at the university Matt had been working at as a janitor would put up a difficult problem on the board outside of his classroom to see if anyone could solve them and every week the problems would be solved by Matt whenever he was on his night shifts. Eventually one night the professor caught him doing an equation and wanted to get him a therapist to help him as well as line him up a job to be a math professor since he was a genius. While on the side when he would hang out with his friend Ben Affleck they’d go to the bar and meet people, well one night Matt met a girl who he was really attracted to and it turns out she was an exchange student from the UK. Matt would later struggle with his relationship with the girl since she wanted to move back to the UK, but Matt had a rough time growing up and was conflicted to leave behind everything he knew. During his therapy sessions with Robin Williams he learns how to open up and life lessons that he never knew since he grew up without parents. It’s definitely a classic that everyone should watch. I’d rate the film a solid 9 out of 10.