Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are a very popular type of drink among all. Energy drinks are supposed to help you gain energy if you’re feeling sluggish during the day. It enhances your energy although you eventually lose that source of energy. Is this a healthy choice? There was an article about a 17 year old girl that had a life threatening heart disorder. She had an abnormally fast and irregular heart rhythm, but how could this possibly happen? She had consumed a large amount of energy drinks. Within an hour she was admitted to the hospital receiving electrical shocks.
The energy drink consumption has grown larger over the past five years. The drinks are marketed towards a younger age group. The caffeine level that’s involved in this drink is much larger than a cup of coffee. The medical effects of energy drinks are three main effects which are increase of heart rate, increase of blood pressure and evidence of increasing blood velocity which leads to clots forming in the heart. These drinks have led to catastrophic consequences, such as cardiac rhythm disturbances and cardiac arrest. They also cause nausea, vomiting, anxiety, nervousness and irritability.
If you had the ability to stop the sale of energy drinks, would you? Do they affect you like what’s listed earlier? Is it a helpful drink to get you through the day or is it just the mindset you have?