Raya: The Last Dragon


I recently just finished watching “Raya:The Last Dragon” on Disney+. You can also watch it in local theaters such as the Odyssey in Marietta that has recently lifted some COVID-19 restrictions which allows them to open their theater up. The other way to watch it is through Disney+ premium. The artwork throughout the movie was very impressive, but I thought the storyline was dry and wasn’t interesting. To me it was super predictable and I guess you could say that about a majority of Disney films, but you could tell that the story could’ve been better.

Although it is a kids movie, so if I were a kid I’d probably enjoy the movie. I also noticed that the movie barely had any males in it, so I’m guessing Disney was wanting to produce more movies with more female roles in it. Although I do again there needs to be more, but there were only maybe one two or three male roles which made the movie seem more political which to me is sad. I miss the days when Disney movies were unique which made them classics. This movie was overrated unless you’re showing this movie to a younger audience, but if you’re a teenager or an adult then I don’t think you’ll enjoy this movie quite as much as others such as Nemo or the Incredibles.

If you’re wanting to watch the film I’d personally just wait til it’s on regular Disney+ or when they start making DVDs, because the film to me was very disappointing. The film is about a Japanese style country that’s trying to unite as one after many centuries of war.