Key and Locke Netflix Series


Recently I finished the “Key and Locke” series on Netflix and let me start out by saying wow. From the first time watching the eerie trailer of the young boy named Bode using a key that he found from a strange whisper. Which then he uses the key on a mirror, moments later his reflection is an evil version of himself giving him a come here sway with his hands trying to get Bode to come here (Into the mirror). But instead of him walking in he calls out to his mother which then the same thing happens to her, but she unlike Bode actually walks into the mirror and then the scene cuts to Bode walking to an old well. This well is part of the family property that’s part of the house which is also called the Key House.

When Bode walks into the well room he’s curious and just goes around exploring the area taking pictures with his Polaroid. However, when he arrives at the well and peaks his head into the well to take a picture he accidentally drops the pictures down the well. He goes to walk away but hears a strange noise and turns around to see the picture on the top of the well. Of course as frightened as he was he walks over again and calls out if anyone is there. In return a woman at the bottom of the well says “Hello Bode ” and that she’s his echo. After seeing those scenes I was hooked.

With all the lore to the story and action that happens every episode will keep you on the edge of your seat trying to figure out what’s going on. There are some scenes near the end that are a bit predictable, but on a scale from one through 10, I’d rate this series a 8.5 and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for shows on Netflix. They also just confirmed that there’ll be a second season.