Snowshoe vs. Canaan Valley Ski Resort


Just a heads up before I dive into this article that this is mostly going to be my opinion on the matter of which ski resort is the best in West Virginia. This year I’ve only gone to two places Snowshoe and Canaan Valley, so far and they’ve both had some very good features about them as well as things I wish they would change. I’m going to start off with Snowshoe since it’s very well known and rightly so with all the events that they host there. In the summer they turn Snowshoe into a motocross course and a bike racing course. There is also a village at the top of the hill full of places to eat, activities such as roller skate and mini golf.

They also offer a grocery store and a church with houses for sale. They’ve got their own mini community, but let’s get back to skiing. Many of their courses are well maintained and groomed, but the downside is that the cost for own ski ticket is typically $160 which is the price for a season pass at other places. Another downside is that since the place is so popular; the tickets there are sold out and have been for months, so you have to buy your ticket in the fall. Overall it was a very good experience staying there. Now with Canaan, with them being a smaller place could they live up to the standards of Snowshoe? Well the price of a ticket there is only $60 and you can buy them at any time. The downside is that the courses there are mostly black diamonds, so if you’re not an experienced skier I wouldn’t recommend going unless you’re good or decent then I’d highly recommend trying them out.