Stress Relievers

Stress is common in everyday life. There are many things to think about during the day, that sometimes just make your head spin. How do you manage your stress? There are tons of different ways you can help your stress levels decrease.

Some people like to:
-go for walks
-squeeze soft bears or hand held toys
-break things

Stress can be found in everyone, however, I believe a lot of it is mainly in the teenage era. Students stress about school, sports, work, home life, and they tend to have a lot on their plate. Having so much stress can be really harmful to your health and it can eventually lead to depression, anxiety, and other risky conditions. I feel that there are other ways to relieve stress other than walking around and screaming.
Everyone handles stress differently, therefore, we don’t all feel the same and we don’t always know how the other person feels. Netflix has a series about a boy with autism and what goes on in his everyday life. In this series, he puts a rubber band and a pencil in his hand and flicks it to calm his mind. People can do whatever they want to manage their stress, however, I feel like it would be more beneficial if everyone found their “thing” rather than just squeezing a stress ball.

There are more way to relieve stress and some of them include:
-writing your thoughts down and ripping it up
-writing your feelings on a plate and then breaking it
-getting more sleep
-eat better, more healthier foods

No matter what you do, just make sure it’s healthy and beneficial for you.