Man Goes 382 Days Without Eating


A man named Angus Barbieri decided to go a whole year without eating in order to lose weight. This 27 year old man weighed a shocking 456 pounds and had many health issues that could have taken his life away sooner than expected. He planned on going the whole way without eating, however, the only exception was that he had a medic check on him everyday to make sure the starvation hasn’t made anything worse.
The goal was to go 40 days and stop, however, when he reached his goal he was still healthy and his body handled the fasting process well, therefore, he continued on with his journey. Barbieri explains the only things he consumed were water, coffee, tea, and soda. Barbieri’s medic explains that he prescribed his patient with high-dose vitamin supplements along with yeast to keep his digestive system healthy. When he got to his 92nd day of fasting, Barbieri’s medic prescribed him potassium tablets because his levels were dropping along with his glucose levels. The medics were worried when they found his glucose levels dropping because a normal response to starvation causes many problems and can cause organs to fail, however, Barbieri’s body was not showing that behavior at all and the doctors were surprised to see his body handle the process so well.
Finally, after 382 days, Barbieri lost 125 kilograms and maintained his weight around 82 kilograms. In 1971 he broke a world record, but because the weight loss was done in a poor manner, the Guinness Book of Records stopped including his record in 2016. Angus Barbieri died when he was only 51, and even though he was removed from the Book of Records, he will still carry on his legacy and people will remember him by what he accomplished and how hard he pushed to reach his goal.