Senior Spotlight


The Senior Spotlight reflects on a senior who is involved with the school and it’s programs, a good standing student and who is a role model for others. Someone who exhibits all of these traits is Brittney Strum.

Brittney is an 18 year old senior at St. Marys High School. She has been a part of many organizations and extra-curriculars including; Soccer and early college courses. Two fun facts about Brittney is that she is the youngest with two brothers, and she has two dogs. In her free time, Brittney enjoys watching movies, especially Hallmark movies.

In response to some questions Brittney replied with the following:

What motivates you?

What do you plan to do after graduation?
“My future plan is to go to college for nursing”

If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?
“I would pay off my loans and debts”

What is the biggest lesson you learned in high school?
“The biggest lesson I have learned is how to succeed with a lot on my plate.”

Will you miss high school after it’s over?
“I’ll miss my friends, but no I won’t miss high school.”

Any Advice for the freshmen?
“It doesn’t get easier, just try your best!”