Hatfields and McCoys


The Hatfields and McCoys are one of the most well known family feuds in American History. The Hatfields are from the lower end of West Virginia. The McCoys are from an area in Kentucky that shared a border with West Virginia. It all started because a Hatfield took a McCoys pig. Both families disputed so much that the issue went to court. The issue escalated when two members of the opposite family started to have feelings for one another.
A Hatfield boy (Johnse) fell in love with a McCoy girl (Roseanna). The two got married and later had a baby together. Both families did not approve of the marriage nor that the McCoy girl was pregnant. The Hatfields and McCoys disowned Johnse and Roseanna and refused to have any contact with them. These actions were the result of the two choosing to be together instead of standing by their families. All because they got married and had a baby together. This all was the result of a feud started by a stolen pig.
John and Roseanna‚Äôs baby died at a very young age, roughly around twelve to eighteen months old. They had a baby girl and were devastated after their loss. The couple began to have problems following the loss of their child. Johnse Hatfield ended up leaving Roseanna. He then goes on to marry Nancy McCoy, one of Roseanna’s McCoys cousins. This led to even more conflict between the Hatfields and McCoys.
While the family endured many hardships they then have to cope with Momma McCoy becoming ill. Roseanna takes on the responsibility of taking care of her momma. Her father was still angry with her and wanted her to get out of their home. After being isolated from her family, losing her child and having a failed marriage Roseanna later learns she herself had become ill. Roseanna became so ill that she began to faint and soon passed away.