Hyped Up Games of 2020-2021


As we all know, with covid being a thing many people can’t leave their house. So what else to do then play video games right? I’m sure that games get more boring the more you play them, especially when you beat them. I’m sure that gaming companies are making a lot of money right now considering that everything is pretty much closed down and we have to stay home.
First, we have assassins creed valhalla. This game came out Nov. 10. This game already has 155 million purchases. A few of my friends have it and they already have 10+ hours playing it. They say it was worth the wait and that there’s so many side quests and games that it doesn’t get boring. Next up is the COD: Cold War. This game will be released on Nov. 13 and almost all of my friends have spent over $50.00 on the pre-order. Then there’s Cyberpunk 2077, this is a futuristic based game and is part of the Cyberpunk series and its pre-order costs $60.00 and the release date is november 19. These three games are the most talked about and purchased games of November 2020.