My Experience Building a Gaming PC


Many people have either bought a prebuilt PC or have decided to build their own. Me and my boyfriend decided to take on the challenge and let me tell you, it wasn’t easy in the slightest. Many parts were very challenging to install. I’d say attaching the fan to the motherboard was probably the hardest.
We spent almost over a half an hour trying to attach the fan to the motherboard, mainly because it was screwing in sideways and would get stuck. The easiest thing to install was the data cards (i think that’s what they’re called). All you have to do to attach those is unlatching the clips and pushing them in until they lock in place then you close the latches and boom, you have data cards. We also had to install the power source which was basically a box with a mess of cords attached. Not only did we have to figure out where the cords went but we had to get cable extensions so the cords would reach the motherboard.
We are currently still waiting on the graphics card which is what makes the picture appear on the monitor. Once that gets here we will have a functioning gaming PC. Even though the process itself was stressful, it was fun bonding with my boyfriend.