The Craft: Legacy


The original “The Craft” is a 1996 cult classic with many fans. The movie however, does not hold up quite as well to today’s modern, more aware teen, so somebody had the wonderful idea to reboot it. If you couldn’t detect the sarcasm in there, I’d like to point it out here. The Craft Legacy, gives a good old college try at living up to the legacy of the original, but sadly falls short.

The basic spell is the same, the plot is almost identical except for a few poorly written and executed additions, but the film is missing that special something that made The Craft such a hit. The reboot has been updated for the age of inclusivity, toxic masculinity and The Weeknd, with wonderful diversity, a good cast, and even a few noteworthy additions. The magic, however, is. M.I.A.

The film is corny without being fun, over-hyped, boring, and all around forgettable. While it has some highlights, and a few moments worth a laugh, these worthwhile additions are buried in a mountain of blah. The film is more toil and trouble than boil and bubble.