One Tree Hill B


“One Tree Hill” is a tv show that came out in 2003. The show is in a fictional town in North Carolina and follows the lives of two half brothers that know they exist but do not try to involve themselves with each other until one day, one of the brothers decided to join the basketball team at their high school, that the other brother already played on. This caused a lot of drama between the family, team, and the two brothers.
I started watching this show just recently, and I love it. It has such a good story line to it, and what it is about, and also how the show plays itself out with the characters and their roles in the show. In the show the two brothers Lucas and Nathan Scott have the same dad but different moms. Lucas is the dad’s son who abandoned him and Nathan is his dad’s son. His dad lives through him with basketball because he cannot play anymore, so he feels the need to live his son’s life for him in a way. On the other hand Lucas lives with his mother and wants nothing to do with their dad in any way, shape, or form, he despises him. Lucas and Nate have both been playing basketball since they were very little and they were once on the same team and didn’t even know they were brothers at the time.
Then, one day Lucas gets curious and asks his mom “is Dan my dad?” and of course she says no, but Lucas already has that gut feeling that he is. Later on in life when the boys are grown up and going to high school. They go to the same school. It was hard for Lucas to “fit in” at school because his brother Nathan is the jock of the school that everyone loves and adores. When basketball season arrives Lucas decides to join the basketball team and it makes Nathan mad because he wants to be the better Scott, and they do not get along at all.
Once Lucas starts coming to practice the other guys on the basketball team start to bully him and do awful things to him. Later on in the show, Nathan and Lucas finally start to get along only because Nathan needed a tutor and Lucas’s best friend Haley would only do it if Nathan would leave Lucas alone for the rest of the season. This is how far I have gotten in the show, and I recommend it to anyone who would want to watch it. It is such a good show.