Annabelle: The True Story


In 1970 a girl named Donna received a gift from her mother for her 28th birthday. The gift was the traditional Raggedy Anne doll, which seemed normal and gave her nostalgia from her childhood memories. When Donna and her friend Ruby would leave the house they’d place the doll in an upright sitting position on the couch, but when they return home she’s always in a different place or in a different position. After this began to be a normal thing, the girls believed that someone was breaking into their house to play a sick joke on them.
The girls then began finding notes around the house that were written on parchment paper, which they didn’t own, the note read things like “help us” “help lou’ ‘. Lou was the two girl’s friend. Then it began getting worse. Donna came home one night to find what looked like blood on the dolls hands. That’s when she decided that there was something wrong with the doll and decided to take action. She called the Warrens who specialised in paranormal things. They came to the conclusion that the doll was not possessed by a human spirit but rather possessed by an inhuman spirit.
They found out that the doll was trying to possess one of the three by making them more comfortable with the movements and certain happenings. Many people would try to make Annabelle more active by insulting her and denying her power which lead to those people ending up in fatal accidents resulting in their death.
The warrens took the doll and placed it in their occult museum that was filled with possessed or cursed items. Lorraine Warren still believes to this day that Annabelle is the most haunted object in their entire museum.