Horror Movies Based on Real Events


Do you have a favorite horror movie? One that makes you jump and hide under your blanket for safety? Well, what if you found out that that movie could have been based off of a real life event. “The Strangers,” “Nightmare on Elm Street,” “Chucky” and “The Shining” were based on true events or even nightmares of said events.
Is your favorite halloween movie “The Nightmare on Elm Street?” Well it’s based on something that truly happened. A young boy was having nightmares and told his parents he was scared to go to sleep but they didn’t believe him and made him go to bed anyways. The parents then heard him screaming and ran to his room but it was too late. His terrible nightmares killed him.
How about “Chucky?” That certainly can’t be something that really happened, Right? WRONG!!! Charles Lee Ray was a serial killer and it was said that he used voodoo to transfer his soul into a doll to continue his killings.
“The Strangers” is just like any other movie, masked killers chasing and killing, But this was based on the writer’s childhood experience but flipped backwards. When he was young a group of people would knock on the door. If nobody answered then they robbed the house but if you did answer they asked if someone, just a made up name, lived there. In the movie they wanted you to answer so they could kill you.
“The Shining” maybe? There’s no way that could be true. Well, you’re sadly mistaken. The book and the movie were based off of the real Stanley Hotel where many of the residents had reported seeing ghosts, including Stephen King. Still think horror movies are all fake and just an idea?