Criminal Minds


“Criminal Minds” is a thriller, drama and mystery based on a squad of FBI profilers who work for the BAU. The profiling team puts together a series of charastics to try and find the unsub or atleast get an idea of who could have commited the crime Each profiler has their specialty. Jason Gideon has worked in the FBI BAU for many years. He knows his way around and what draws a suspect to the crime. He takes his job seriously and puts his agents first. Derek Morgan, who is the stronger string when it comes to arresting them.
Spencer Reid is a super genius who puts all the pieces together at the end. He is so intelligent that his IQ score is 187 and he can read 20,000 words per minute. Aaron Hotchner is more intimidating for the unsubs because of his face. He has mean looking eyes and gets the point through. Elle Greenaway’s specialty is working with sex offender cases. She is always helping the team try to put the puzzle together. Last but not least is Penelope Garcia. She is a computer wizard who strictly works from the BAU offices. She knows everything about the unsubs.
“Criminal Minds” is a mind game. It makes you think. The BAU uses behavioral analysis and profiling to investigate the crimes and find possible suspects. The show tells a story as the team works together to tackle the cases while balancing their personal lives at home. While the team is on a case it teaches you basic vocabulary used in the BAU and crime scenes. I recommend watching criminal minds if you enjoy watching crime shows or possibly wanting to become part of the criminal justice team. “Criminal minds” is made to be realistic and use real people for the scenes. It goes into detail about what happened and who did it. They use real life scenarios and situations that can and do happen in real life and make their audience aware and be cautious. The show has 15 seasons and is still being aired on TV since 2005. If you are interested in watching it, get caught up on Netflix!