China’s Methods to Beat Coronavirus


China came up with new ideas to keep humans from getting infected. A new campaign of the Chinese police shows drones flying through the city telling people what they should do. They tell if you forgot to wear a mask and tell you to go home immediately, to stay away from any danger. Also they tell you not to stay outside and play board games for example. This is supposed to be a method to show that China tries its best to keep the Coronavirus from spreading anymore.
Also the country struggled with this crisis before. The officials start acting by an authoritarian playbook, which is supposed to solve these kinds of cases for years. The Chinese president also said that law reinforcements for disease outbreaks of this extent. He cannot allow citizens to hide their travelling history so that they bypass quarantine regulations. A lot of Chinese provinces set punishments for people who endanger public safety. The northeastern province Heilongjiang went even further and said that the highest sentence for endangering public could be the death penalty.
The police now are fairly well equipped for a case like it is right now. They have far better equipment than they had a couple years ago. But if the virus keeps spreading, the police and medical professionals will be overwhelmed by their work. The spread of the virus is expected to peak in April, but officials say that it will be at least a year before it isn’t considered an epidemic.