Frozen 2


“Frozen 2” is an animated movie that was first released in November of 2019. Elsa “ Snow Queen of Arendelle” and her sister Anna, have lost their parents due to a boat crash on the north sea to try to find what was wrong with Elsa and to fix the curse that was put onto her, in her early stages of life. Once everything was settled and the girls grew up to be queen and princess of their kingdom, they started looking back into the things that have happened in the past in Arendelle when her grandfather was king. In the forest there is another group of people called the Northuldrians. They live in the forest because, when Elsa and Anna’s grandfather was king they made a truce to build a dam and let the Northuldrians come into Arendelle and be apart of the kingdom. Little did everyone know, their grandfather was just trying to trick them into getting what he wanted.
Once Elsa and Anna figured this whole thing out, they were bound to figure out the little things behind to see what actually happened, and not just what everyone thinks happen. Elsa and Anna brought along their two best friends. Sven and Christoph, these two have been together since they were so young and they could never be separated. Christoph and Anna ae dating and he wants to propose but is very nervous about doing it. Alof is just here for a good time, doesn’t really know what is going on but he enjoys every minute of his life. While trying to figure out what had happened to Arendelle and the Northulders, they had some rough patches that they had to get through. Elsa had recently been hearing this high pitched singing voice that no one else could hear. She had told about it, and on the way to figure out what happened and bring peace back to Arendelle and Northuldra she left Anna, Christoph, Sven, and Alof behind to do the job that needed to be done on her own. They had finally figured out what happened and everything is back to normal, and Christoph proposed to Anna and now they are getting married, and everyone is happy now.