The Haunting of Hill House


“The Haunting of Hill House” is a netflix American Web television series that had a lot of people on their feet about it when it first came out. The show came out in October of 2018, and has ever since been a relatively popular show to watch on netflix. The first season of the show is mainly based on the 1959 novel of the same name by Shirley Jackson. The show goes back and forth between two timelines. There are five siblings that grew up in Hill House, and they didn’t experience a very good childhood while living there. The family would always end up moving after they would buy a house flip it, and then sell it again, so it was a very mobilized home for the children. During their time at Hill House the children experience some paranormal activities that would go on throughout the whole day and throughout the night when they were trying to sleep. The paranormal experiences continued to follow them into their adult lives in present day.
During these experiences at the house, they ended up leaving because they couldn’t take it anymore. Between the paranormal things that were happening inside the house with little children and just a mom and a dad really did it for this family. As the kids got into their later years and most of the haunted things in their lives have past, something just isn’t quite right. The children of Hill House again to experience these paranormal things while they are separated across the country into their each individual world’s. As this should not potentially bring the family back together after what happened, it did. The family again started feeling the ways they were feeling back at Hill House after a worrisome children for most of their lives.