Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Lancaster


Mr. Lancaster is a teacher here at St. Marys High School. He teaches contemporary studies, civics, and college history. Mr. Lancaster is married and has been for three years and he has two dogs. He coaches basketball and football and he enjoys being outdoors, playing sports, and he loves playing video games.
What’s your favorite thing about teaching?
“Getting to see students achieve and grow as individuals.”
What made you want to start teaching?
“My father had encouraged me to look into education as a career.”
What do you love about teaching?
“I love having the opportunity to make a difference. Every student is unique and I am able to help them succeed in different ways.”
Was there any other profession, other than teaching that you were interested in?
“Coming out of High school, I strongly considered joining the military and I had also contemplated Law school.”
How long have you been teaching?
“I had taught five year at Pleasant County Middle School and this is my first year here at St. Marys High School.”