The Silence


“The Silence” is a horror and thriller type of movie. When the world is being attacked by bird like creatures who hunt humans as prey by hearing their sounds a teenage girl who lost her hearing at the age 13 and he family look for safety, Until they meet up with a cult who wants to take all her senses away. Alot goes on in this movie and it is very important to pay attention so you don’t miss any details. In the movie there is a father, mother, grandmother, daughter and son who fight through the darkness to keep eachother safe from the creatures.
They soon realize that the creatures aren’t giving up and the cult is just another problem to worry about. They work together to figure out how to stop the creatures and kill them all, may it be with pipes, fire, bricks or even trapping them in a building.
In my opinion I thought it was a pretty good thriller. It made me think of what’s gonna happen next. I thought it was well planned and the idea was smart, although I believe it was a remake of “The Quiet Place” still a good story line. I think if they added another problem to their situation it would add another line of thrill for the audience.