Most Famous German food

This is a Schnitzel

This is a Schnitzel

German Cuisine is not the most special cuisine in the world. It does not have special spices or innovative cooking methods. However, Germany still has a few very good recipes, which I would like to introduce you know.

Schnitzel is a kind of breaded steak which you can solve with nearly everything, potatoes, noodles, any kinds of vegetables and maybe a good sauce. You make it by taking a pork of beef steak, two eggs, flour and breadcrumbs. First, you put the steak in flour, make sure that everything is covered with flour. Then, knock of the rest of the flour and put it in stirred eggs and in the end you put it in bread crumbs. After you bread the steak you just fry it in a pan.

Currywurst is a very well known dish in Germany. You make it by taking a sausage and putting curry sauce on it. If you don’t know how to make curry sauce, use some ketchup and curry powder to make it really delicious. As a side dish you should use fries or a bun or bread.

Bratkartoffeln is a kind of fried potatoes. You can make them easy if you just fry the potatoes with some spices, or you can make them more delicious when you add fried bacon and fried onions before you put the potatoes in the pan. For spices you should just use salt and pepper.