What To Take Advantage Of Senior Year


Jenna Barnhart

Peyton Oliver cheers on the senior class at the pep rally.

No matter what grade you are in, senior year is right around the corner. Throughout your senior year, there are many opportunities and activities to take advantage of.

Talk to the counselors and ask for the SAT/ACT fee waivers. Taking standardized multiple times, or even once, can be expensive. Every student receives two fee waivers each for the SAT and ACT.

Every school year, the school holds a free college application week. Take advantage of the colleges coming to talk and fill out the application. Even if you are undecided on your major or the college you want to attend, it does not hurt to fill out a free application.

Be apart of your school! Attend dances, play powderpuff, go to float building, and other activities throughout the school year. These are great opportunities to make final memories with your class and be involved.

Sign up for college classes through the WVUP Early College Program. If you are serious about your grades and college, early college classes is just what you need to take advantage of. The classes are cheaper and some are available for dual credit. The majority of the classes are mandatory for any major in college.

Don’t be afraid to be apart of pictures. All pictures taken in the school have a chance of being in the yearbook and newspaper. Pictures are able to look back on for a lifetime. Capture the moment, you will want to remember it later!

Go to FAFSA night. Nearly every college requires their students to fill out the FAFSA. The school holds many FAFSA nights throughout the school year. Counselors and WVUP representatives are here to answer questions and there are also snacks!

Have fun! You only have one senior year, so make it memorable. Take pictures, laugh, and enjoy your final year of high school.