“El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie”


If you are familiar with the now over with series “Breaking Bad”, you may have heard about the movie adaptation that came out earlier this month. I wouldn’t recommend watching this movie if you haven’t watched the series or are at least somewhat knowledgeable about the show. However, if you are still interested, take time to watch a recap of the series and try to follow as best as possible.

“El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie” starts directly after the series ended, following Jesse Pinkman (Walt’s partner in crime) on the run in New Mexico finding his way to old friends along the way. Throughout it switching back and forth between past and present, showcasing trauma that Jesse has endured on his journey is a regular occurrence causing him to have PTSD-type symptoms. The movie takes you on the run from the police while a massive manhunt is searching for him, this causes for many interesting things to happen in the course of this film.

Before I get into I’ll add that I personally rate this movie a solid 7.8/10, The movie makes a great recap and ending for the previous series story wise. It even provides a great scene with Walt to remind you of what the series was. The movie peaks in cinematography and emotion (in true Breaking Bad fashion), but dialogue fell short for me. I wished for less cool shots and more useful scenes. Some of the scenes felt as if it was just filling in and didn’t mean much, and in my opinion for it to end the series everything should matter. Other than that it had a great premise, I enjoy the “on-the-run” theme of the movie.