“Coraline” is hands down one of my favorite “scary” movies. Yes, it is a cartoon but many have told me that it freaks them out. It all starts with a girl (Coraline) who moves into a new home. She’s trying to get comfortable with the house, a new school and making friends. Her parents are too busy working to pay any attention to her. She explores the new house and meets up with two old stage performers, a circus ringmaster and a boy her age. One night she wanders down the stairs to find a door that was bricked up behind the wall. She gets a little curious and decided to take the risk and cross the passage which leads her into a parallel world where everyone has buttons for eyes. Even her friends from the real world. And then she finds her parents… with button eyes.
Despite how weird it all is Caroline is living the dream with parents who actually pay attention to her. Everything turns downhill when the other mother offers coraline to stay with her forever under one condition… buttons for eyes. Coraline is horror fiction, fantasy fiction and paranormal fiction. I love the story line and through the years it’s been my go to movie. It’s the perfect movie for those who don’t like scary movies, because it’s a cartoon!