Overcoming Writer’s Block: College Application Essays


When trying to overcome writer’s block it can help to follow these steps. Take a walk. Taking a walk can help to get a clearer head and maybe even inspire someone to write about something they didn’t know they wanted to write about. Another helpful tip could be to take some time off. Taking time off writing can help with the stress of trying to find what to talk about. Start writing about something even if you don’t want to or don’t know what to write. Start writing random stories until you get the information you’re looking for.

Don’t get down on yourself. If this happens it can be very discouraging. Staying on top of the game and being positive might help with writing the perfect story. Change your point of view. When changing your point of view that can also help with looking at the story from a different perspective maybe spark a few ideas on how to continue. Really go in depth with your characters. How do they make you feel? Knowing them what do you think they would want to do? Questions like these can really help to continue with your story. Try to brainstorm. Brainstorming can again spark ideas on what to write about next. The best method for overcoming writer’s block seems to be to just step away from it. Take some time, do chores, take a shower. Do anything to get your mind off of the story.

By walking away and doing something else it can help get rid of this block and to encourage someone to write about a different topic. If after you walk away you still don’t know how or what to write you can choose a different topic maybe that’ll give you a better chance of starting or finishing the story.