Homecoming Proposals


Homecoming is just around the corner. Thinking of asking someone, but don’t know how? Here are 10 homecoming proposal ideas that your date is sure to love. Happy Homecoming!!

Leave a note on their windshield.
A simple note saying “Will you go to homecoming with me?” signed with your name!
Get her a puppy or kitten!
Now this one is sorta complicated. You can’t just hand someone a puppy and say “Here you go take care of this AND go to homecoming with me.” You will have to get approval from the parents first and make sure they even want that responsibility.
Make up a cute saying and get something that goes with it.
For example, “You’d be a nerd if you didn’t go to homecoming with me,” and grab some nerds to give to them along with it!
Flowers always work!
Get her or him some flowers and simply ask “Will you go to homecoming with me?”
Get a cheese pizza!
Okay hear me out. Write “I know this is cheesy but will you go to homecoming with me?” on the box!
“Homecoming with you would be BOMB” and get some bath bombs!
You can buy bath bombs at any dollar store. Just put the saying on a poster and deliver it to them!
Scavenger Hunt.
Send them on a scavenger hunt to find clues that eventually lead to you asking them to homecoming!
“I’d be charmed if you went to homecoming with me”
Buy her a charm bracelet. This does not have to be an expensive bracelet, it’s the thought that counts!
Get a shirt that says “homecoming?” on it!
It may take her a minute to realize, but once she does she will love it!
Just ask!
Simply ask “Will you go to homecoming with me?” If you’re a more simplistic individual, this is the ask for you!