The History of Vampires

The History of Vampires

Count Dracula, The Salvatores, The Cullens, all are famous vampires. What are vampires? Vampires are most known for their sharp fangs, being immortal, having super speed, and some even being able to morph into a bat. For some reason, the vampire craze is back, and we’re not mad about it.

Vlad Dracula ruled Walachia, Romania off and on from 1456-1462. His way of killing his enemies, was to impale them with a wooden stake. He supposedly enjoyed dining among his dying victims, and dipping bread in their blood, but there is no way to prove that this happened. It is thought that Bram Stoker made the character Count Dracula because of him.

Vampire folklore was big during the Middle Ages. The plague wiped out entire towns, and sometimes left behind lesions that resemble a bleeding mouth. During this time, it was common for people with an unusual illness to be called a vampire. When someone that was labeled as a vampire died, someties, a wooden stake would be put through their chests to ensure that they stayed dead.

Another Vampire would be Mercy Brown. Similar to others, but this one was a real person. She lived in Rhode Island and was a farmer’s daughter. The Browns were infected with tuberculosis, and they blamed the daughter for what they didn’t know. They insisted that she was a vampire, and was making her family sick from the grave. Her body was examined and showed little to no decay. Which is to be expected because her body was in an above ground vault in the winter time. Regardless, they cut out her heart, burned it, and tried to cure her brother by feeding him her ashes. He died shortly after.

There are people in the world that call themselves vampires. They drink small enough amounts of blood to ensure their health. To keep the rage and folklore low, they typically drink from their willing blood donors, in private. Some don’t actually drink blood, they rather feed off the energy of others. People love vampires, and it all started with Dracula. It is a craze that may never end. As far as history shows, vampires.. are a myth. But that’s just history.